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26/06/2006 18:20

Como habia algun hilo por ahi viejo preguntando por peliculas de poker pongo esta lista que he encontrado por casualidad.

Supongo que algunos ya habreis visto varias y otros casi todas o todas.

Yo no he visto ninguna, y como esta en ingles entiendo un poco menos de la mitad :D ¿que os parece la lista, es acertada?

The Cincinnati Kid (1965) It's New Orleans and a new kid has come to town to beat the notorious Lancey Howard (Edward Robinson), the best poker player in the country. With the help of an old friend and card dealer, Eric Stoner (Steve McQueen) manages to get in on the highest stakes game of his life. The Cincinnati Kid is all about the poker scene at the end, which is one of the best on film for certain. However, you must sit through some reasonably flat performances revolving around revenge and romance to get there. There are a couple of good moments of sexual tension between McQueen and Ann-Margret (playing Melba) in between Steve truly wanting to be with Christian (Tuesday Weld). Caveat; this is one of the best poker movies, not necessarily movies alone... Rounders (1998) Likely the most popular poker movie in a while, Matt Damon's character is forced back into the world of poker to help pay off a friends (Ed Norton) gambling dept. It's more of a card marathon near the end as they attempt to get the cash they need. Great flick, and great actors/actresses. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) Four regular guys from London put all their cash together to back their friend in an insanely high stakes game of poker with a local gangster. When they lose they have to get deep into the world of crime in order to get out again. Not as poker based as the other picks, but such a fantastic movie overall that it had to get high rank.

Luckytown (2000) Kirsten Dunst is on a quest to find her father who is a notorious gambler. She picks up a video store clerk with a dream of being 'the' poker player and heads off to Las Vegas to find happiness, her father, or ruin. Lots of good action, great gambling scenes, Kirsten looks particularly sweet and she pole dances. Can you think of a better one? ;P

Big Hand for a Little Lady (1966) A family moves into a new town and the husband decides to get in on a high stakes game of poker. He loses almost everything until his last hand when he conveniently has a heart attack. His wife, who has never played poker before, has to finish the game and try to win back her life savings. Quite a nice little comedic western. Sunset Trail (1939) A good guys versus bad guys movie with Hopalong Cassidy as the hero. Keller, the bad guy buys up a farmer's cattle then kills him and steals the money. Hopalong finds out that this is the case by posing as a newbie poker player and getting the farmers daughter to check the serial numbers on the cash (yeah, I know). I won't go into too many details, but poker is used to triumph over evil in the end and that is why this movie is so fantastic. Kaleidoscope (1966) Usually, I can't take Warren Beatty movies, but the card playing in this film was more realistic than most. Barney is a sly, cheating, debonair poker player who has to play in a really high profile game to defend his title as the 'luckiest poker player ever' and win the killer pot. Queen High (1930) Two women who own a garter business together are always fighting and just can't agree on anything. They ask their lawyer to help them dissolve their business and he tell them that they should end it with a single hand of poker instead. The stakes: the loser has to be the winners personal servant for an entire year. Time to get a new lawyer. 😄

Loaded Pistols (1948) Gene Autry and Barbara Britton star in this classic poker murder mystery. Mary Evans' (Barbara) younger brother is wrongly accused of murder during a poker game when someone is shot after the lights go out. Gene hides the boy and ends up having to recreate the poker game to find out who the real murderer is. Love this for the murder mystery aspect, you'll get nervous the next time you're at the table wondering who has the gun. Maverick (1994) Set in the old South, Mel Gibson (Maverick) needs 3000 extra dollars to enter a winner takes all poker tournament that is scheduled in a couple of days. After he meets a feisty female gambler, played by Jody Foster, they fall into lots of funny situations trying to get enough money to play. The movie is good, the accents are bad... so bad.

26/06/2006 20:32
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

Hola Rod Bailer,

preferiría que no copiaséis y pegaséis informaciones de otra web, pero si lo hacéis, al menos indicad la fuente.

Un saludo!

26/06/2006 20:50
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

Ok Simon, disculpas.

Ademas no me habia fijado que salian los titulos como enlaces.

09/12/2006 17:09
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

he de decir que solo he visto rounders y maverick de las 10 pelis arriba citadas. rounder la vi hace muy poco y la verdad esq esta muy bien. de maverick solo recuerdo el final porque la vi hace muchisimo, pero tengo q decir que el tio (mel gibson) enseña ese as de picas q le da la escalera de color con mucha mucha clase, xD. ...y lo bien que se sentiria... jaja.

10/12/2006 18:54
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

ese spoiler ahí...jejeje.

sólo decir que yo he visto únicamente Rounders, y varias veces, me gusta bastante.

11/12/2006 17:09
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

Me parece que no es nada fácil encontrar varias de estas películas. Al menos en el emule...

11/12/2006 20:52
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

jeje sta bien esa lista! sin duda rounders de lo mejorsito aunq en mi cas atengo una coleccion wena de pelis entre ellas par de españolas muy interesantes ROLLEYEs ROLLEYEs

a ve si a la noxe cuando vuelva a mi casa escribo los nombres :D :D

11/12/2006 23:46
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

Por mi parte vi solamente Maverick y de poquer poco.

12/12/2006 14:33
Re: Poker Movies TOP-10

weno como comente ayer ahi va una lista de peliculas... la verdad es que tengo mas nombres de las que voy a poner pero estos son los que me parecen mas recomendables 😉

como no... y mas pq soy estudiante de derecho sin duda de lo mejorsito DIAMONdroundersDIAMONd jejeje y despues de esa DIAMONdel rey del juegoDIAMONd tambien conocida como "cincinnati kid" muy buena.

despues de estas dos no dejeis de ver DIAMONd el destino tambien juegaDIAMONd o su titulo original "A big Hand for the little lady" jeje gran pelicula :D :D

y si despues de esta empachada :eek: de cine todavia kieren mas reocmendaria 3 peliculas españolas que no estan nada mal: :spadeVOLVERAsspade: :spade:la vida mancha:spade: y :spade:juego de luna:spade:

tambien tengo en mi lista :club:Stuey-high Roller:club: pero la pena es que solo la he conseguido en ingles MAd lo cual es un mal menos teniendo encuenta que existe un film de los llamados cine independiente, DIAMONdFreeze-outDIAMONd sobre la cual he leido y escuchado grandes criticas pero no he tenido ocasion si kiera de conseguirla, 😒 por lo menos aki en canarias kizas para los que vivais en la peninsula, en ciudades como madrid o barcelona podra seros mas facil ya que me imagino que por hay habra tiendas especializadas en pelis de este genero.

y para ir finalizando y para kien le guste el canal historia existe un documental que se llama :heart:historia del poker:heart: que no está del todo mal...

aaaah se me olvidaba... tambien bueniiisima la serie :spade:tilt:spade: del canal espn de los creadores de rounders ups lo que solo sta en ingles de momento, son doce capitulos que corresponden a la primera temporada.:cool: :cool:

y de resto para este año que ahora entra podremos ver en el cine la pelicula sobre :club:amarillo slim:club: protagonizada por nicolas cage sino m ekivoco y la de :heart:lucky you:heart: que viendo el trailer que circula por internet promete bastante...

buffff que repaso e dado.... espero que les sea de utilidad, les gusten y que las disfruten!!!:D :D


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